Residential Maintenance Tune Up

Did You Know That Most Costly Breakdowns Can Be Avoided? With Annual AC Maintenance, Our Professional Air Conditioning Technicians Can Catch Issues Before They Become A Surprise Breakdown—Which Actually Can Save You Money In The Long-Run!

During Your Annual Maintenance Check, Our AC Technician Will Tune Up Your Unit And Prepare It For The Warm Summer Ahead. If You’re Ready To Schedule Maintenance For Your Air Conditioner, Don’t Wait. Call Omar Cooling & Heating  Today To Make An Appointment!

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F You Don’t Prioritize Scheduling An Air Conditioner Maintenance Tune Up Every Spring, Consider The Benefits You’re Missing Out On.

  • Keeps You And Your Family Safe. The Peace Of Mind That Comes From Knowing Your Equipment Is Running Safely Is A Priceless Benefit Of Regular AC Maintenance.
  • Protects Your Warranty. Annual Maintenance Ensures You Stay Safely Within Your Warranty For As Long As It Is Active.
  • Cost Savings. The Harder Your Air Conditioner Has To Work, The More Energy It Is Going To Use. The More Energy It Uses, The Higher Your Energy Bill Will Be! Maintenance Will Keep Your System Running Optimally.
  • Energy Savings. Electricity Rates Are Higher Than Ever These Days, But You Can Keep Cooling Costs In Their Place With Regular Maintenance. Tasks Such As Lubricating Moving Parts, Recharging The Refrigerant, Removing Obstructions And Cleaning The Coils Help Your AC Unit Run More Efficiently.
  • Problem Prevention. Issues Typically Develop Slowly, Such As A Belt That Begins To Fray Before It Snaps. Maintenance Gives You A Chance To Catch These Problems Early And Prevent Them From Turning Into A More Expensive Repair.
  • Longer Equipment Life. The Same Way A Car That Receives Regular Oil Changes Lasts Years Longer, You Can Expect Your Air Conditioner To Remain In Good Working Order For Many More Seasons Than If You Choose To Neglect It.
  • Healthier Indoor Air. By Replacing The Filter, Patching Ductwork Leaks, And Dusting The Equipment, The Air You Breathe Is Fresher Than Ever When You Make Yearly Tune-Ups A Priority.
  • Home Comfort. An Air Conditioner Operating At Peak Performance Can Keep Up Even When The Desert Heat Begins To Take Its Toll At The Height Of Summer. You Can Only Expect A High Level Of Performance Year After Year If You Maintain The Equipment Properly.

    When You Call Omar Cooling & Heating For Your Annual AC Maintenance Appointment, A Licensed AC Technician Will Perform A Safety Check To:

    • Perform Carbon Monoxide Test
    • Inspect For Combustibles Around Furnace
    • Inspect Venting System
    • Test Safety And Control Circuits
    • Test Ignition System
    • Inspect Electrical Wiring
    • Examine Heat Exchanger For Damage And Corrosion

    Once The Safety Check Is Complete, They Will:

    • Inspect Condenser Coil
    • Monitor Refrigerant Charge And Operating Pressure
    • Inspect Air Conditioner Safety Devices
    • Check Electrical Disconnect Box For Proper Rating And Safe Operation
    • Inspect Contractors For Burning And Pitting
    • Test And Inspect Capacitors
    • Inspect And Tighten Service Valves
    • Check Compressor Volts, Amps, And Wiring Connections
    • Inspect And Tighten All Electrical Connections
    • Clean Condenser Coil
    • Lubricate Moving Parts Per Manufacturer’s Specs
    • Check Thermostat Calibration
    • Clean And Adjust Blower Components
    • Check Condensate Drains
    • Clean Indoor Coil If Accessible
    • Clean Or Replace Air Filter
    • Measure Temperature Difference Of Air Supply/Return
    • Monitor Cooling Cycle


    Homeowners In Grand Strand  And The Surrounding Areas Have A Unique Opportunity To Sign Up For Exclusive Membership To Omar Cooling & Heating HVAC Maintenance Package. Membership Benefits Include All Of The Previous Benefit We Mentioned, Plus:

    • No Overtime Charges. While Urgent Repairs Are Less Common When You Take Good Care Of Your Air Conditioner, Emergencies Can Still Happen. As A Member, You Are Not Charged Overtime Fees If You Require Emergency Service.
    • Discount Repairs. What’s More, You Receive 15 Percent Off All Repairs When You Sign Up For A Maintenance Agreement Package.
    • Priority Service. If You’re Concerned Something Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioner, Give Us A Call Without Delay. As A Member, You Receive Front-Of-The-Line, Priority Service Over Non-Members.
    • Automatic Renewal. You Have Enough To Worry About In Your Daily Life Without Worrying About Renewing Your Membership. Each Year Prior To Your Anniversary Of Signing Up, We’ll Mail A Reminder Form. You Can Mail This Back Or Easily Renew Online.
    • Ability To Transfer. If You Sell Your Current Home And Buy A New One, In Our Service Area, You Can Transfer The Maintenance Agreement Package Over To Your New Home!
    • Comprehensive AC Tune-Ups. Omar Cooling &Heating  We Boast The Best Comprehensive Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Along The Wasatch Front. As A Member, You’ll Always Know Who To Call When You Need Maintenance Or Repair Work Done.

    If You Place Home Comfort And Energy Savings High On Your Priority List—And You Want To Avoid Costly And Inconvenient Repairs—Be Sure To Sign Up For Our Maintenance Program! When You’re Ready, Contact Us Online Or Call Us At (843) 733-7373 To Get Started.


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