Are You Having Heater Problems?

Experiencing problems with your heating unit? Is your heater making noises? Does it consistently turn on and off? Schedule a heating repair service appointment with your local heating contractor! Learn More              



 Are You Encountering Frequent Problems With Your Home’s Heating System? Have You Recently Noticed That Your Utility Costs In Grand Strand Are Steadily Rising? If This Is The Case, Your Home’s Heating System May Be In Dire Need Of heating Repair Or Servicing. Regardless Of Whether The Problem Is Serious Or Minor, Ignoring A Heating Issue Is Unwise, And Will Only Lead To An Exacerbation Of The Original Problem. A Heating Problem Can Become A Real Spanner In The Works Unless It Is Tackled Effectively And In A Professional Way. Omar Cooling & Heating Is A Heating And AC Contractor Operating Out Of The Greater,Grand Strand Area. Having Been In The Heating Repair Industry For Over Many Years, We Have Developed A Solid Reputation For Providing Effective Heating Solutions In A Timely Manner. We Use The Latest Practices And Techniques In The Industry In Resolving Our Customers’ Heating Problems. FURNACE REPAIR AND INSTALLATION PERFORMED EFFECTIVELY Installing A New Furnace For Your Home; Or Repairing An Existing One Can Be A Complicated Process For The Untrained Individual. It Is Always Recommended That Individuals Seek Out Professional Help In Dealing With Furnace-Related Problems. A Furnace Can Malfunction In A Number Of Ways That May Not Be Easily Noticeable. A Furnace Can Fail To Produce Any Or Enough Heat. A Furnace Could Alternate Between ‘On’ And ‘Off’ Too Often. A Furnace’s Blower Can Malfunction And Refuse To Turn Off. A Furnace Can Become Unusually Noisy. These Are Just A Few Of The Problems That Omar Cooling & Heating Can Resolve. If Your SC Area Home Is Encountering These Problems Or Similar Ones, Do Not Hesitate. Contact us Today 

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Why you should pick Omar Cooling & Heating to service your A/C units:
1. Stocked trucks to ensure your system will be up and running in no time.
2. We schedule appointments without you breaking your schedule.
3. Our technicians follow procedures by-the-book.
4. Technicians meet twice-a-week for group training and discussions.
5. Up-Front pricing so that there would be no surprises.
6. 24 hour emergency service call center.
7. Each hired technicians are evaluated to make sure they provide clean and.
8 .outstanding service.
9 . Fully insured and certified technicians, having gone through background checks and drug tests.
10. With the name like Omar Cooling & Heating, how could you not pick us?